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$30.00 USD

This is the preset I made while transitioning from North Carolina to Arizona. I wanted an overall aesthetic, something that could work for everything. After weeks of trial and error I was finally able to come up with my preset "ARIZONA". This color grade is for Adobe Lightroom only and will work for literally ANY image. I've used this preset in natural light, studio work, harsh sunny days, and in the shade. This preset will add a certain elegant look to your photos that can be used for anything. This certain color grade means alot to me as most of you know I recently moved across the country for a change of atmosphere and made it my goal to create my personal aesthetic while doing so. I hope you enjoy these colors and feel free to share the images you color grade with it using my hashtag #tedtones . If you want warmer tones simply push your white balance slider to the right in lightroom, the preset will do the rest! Also, adjust exposure to your personal taste! 

Feel free to email me if you have any questions after downloading. 

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